【10月11日】【龙马奋进——学术论坛】The Effects of IFRS 9 on Loan Loss Recognition Timeliness: Early Evidence

发布日期:2019-10-10  点击数:

讲座人:Chong Wang

讲座主题:The Effects of IFRS 9 on Loan Loss Recognition Timeliness: Early Evidence

摘要:bet体育appUsing international banks from 33 countries, we examine the impact of IFRS 9 on loan loss recognition timeliness. Using a difference-in-differences empirical specification, our results reveal that the adoption of IFRS 9 increases the timeliness of loan loss recognition. Consistent with this standard impacting banks that were previously more reluctant to record loan losses, we find that this positive effect is more pronounced when banks with less loan loss reserves prior to IFRS 9 adoption. In addition, we find that the positive effect is greater for banks with riskier profiles and weaker external monitoring, suggesting that banks that are likely to be more subjected to more future loan losses are being made to be more timely in accruing for loan losses as a result of IFRS 9 adoption. Overall, our paper provides an early insight into an important accounting standard that revolutionizes banks’ accounting for their loan losses and that could have broader effects on the banking system and the broader economy.



讲座人简介:王冲(Chong Wang),获厦门大学与美国肯塔基大学(University of Kentuck)双会计学博士学位,现任香港理工大学会计与金融学院助理教授。主要研究领域为会计与金融,在Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis、Journal of International Business Studies、Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Finance等期刊上发表论文多篇,同时担任Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Finance、Journal of Banking and Finance等期刊的特约评论人。